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Ford Powerstroke Diesel EGR Coolers

Bostech EGR501
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If you have had much experience with the newer diesel engines, the Ford Powerstroke 6.0L or the 6.4L with two EGR Coolers Vertical and Horizontal has likely caused you down time. Many owners of the Ford F250 6.0L Powerstroke have replaced the EGR Cooler more than one time in the first 100,000 miles. We have the solution for this problem. An upgraded Ford Powerstroke Diesel EGR cooler is the answer.

We have developed a redesign process that will make the EGR Cooler almost indestructible. We remove the insides of the original cooler and replace it with stainless steel tubes. The tubes are then Tig Welded to laser cut plates. The plates are Tig Welded to the housing isolating the water from the exhaust. This ensures that the system will be trouble free from leaks for the life of the vehicle. This cooler requires the Gasket Kit EGR505GKT.

The new designed tubes cool the exhaust gas better than before.  This helps prevent the system from collecting exhaust suit and carbon that would restrict flow and diminish the effectiveness of the system.

Follow normal Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis. If normal diagnostics lead to replacement of the EGR Coolers, this part is the one for you.

This kit comes with the gaskets included and a Lifetime Warranty on the part only.

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