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FORD     Power Stroke Diesel Fuel Injectors

DE502 Ford Diesel Remanufactured Fuel Injector
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Ford Diesel Fuel Injectors remanufactured by Bostech have been stripped and cleaned. All O-Rings, Pintels, etc. are replaced. The fuel flow on all of our injectors is rigorously tested prior to our factory certification.

Each Bostech Fuel Injector includes both the Injector and the Seal Kit. Click Here for Installation Instructions.

Bostech factory certifications meet or exceed industry standards for fuel flow, and come with a 1-Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty.

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To install this Injector you will need
TL1-TL2 Injector Installation Brushes


  1. Remove the valve cover.
    • The A/C compressor and alternator must be removed prior to removing the valve covers.
  2. Disconnect the fuel injector electrical connector.
  3. Remove the internal oil drain plugs in the cylinder head to drain the cylinder head.
  4. Remove the retaining screw and oil deflector (The shoulder bolt on the inboard side of the fuel injector does not require removal.)
  5. Remove the outboard fuel injector retaining bolt.
  6. For removing No. 7 injector only:
    • 94 to early 95 F-series with A/C—remove the outer half of the evaporator plenum.
    • 95-97—the A/C vacuum reservoir can be removed instead.
    • 99-up only need the inter-cooling piping removed
    • Check owner’s repair manual for any uncertainties
  7. Carefully remove the fuel injector (make sure you remove the rear-most injector first to ensure that any fuel in the head will be isolated into one cylinder).
  8. Remove any fuel or oil that may have entered the cylinders by bumping the engine over by hand or with a remote starter to prevent a hydraulic lock of the engine.
  9. Make sure all O-rings and copper washer come out with the injector.
  10. Make sure injector sleeve and bore are clean and clear of all debris.
  11. Make sure a good seating surface is provided for the fuel injector.
  12. Lubricate the fuel injector and O-rings with clean engine oil.
  13. Install the fuel injector, with three new O-rings, backup ring, and a new injector copper washer (be careful not to let the copper washer shift or fall from the injector while installing).
  14. For No. 7 injector, install the part that was removed pending on you year model vehicle (see step 6).
  15. Install the oil deflector and bolt and tighten to (120 in lb).
  16. Install the outboard injector retaining bolt and tighten to same as in step 14.
  17. Install the oil rail drain plugs and tighten to (53 in lb).
  18. Connect the fuel injector electrical connector.
  19. Install the valve cover.
  20. Enjoy your new injectors!!!!



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