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FORD     Power Stroke Diesel Fuel Injectors

DE003 Ford Diesel Remanufactured Fuel Injector
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The stock six millimeter hex plug is prone to stripping out because the plug is made of soft metal. When this occurs, attempting to remove it can prove to be very difficult. Even when the plug performs as designed, fuel from the separator will drain unchecked onto the front of the drive shaft onto the ground and onto the person performing the maintainence. 

The problematic stock HFCM drain plug on 2003 and newer trucks can now be upgraded to this better designed plug. This new plug has a large round knob added to it with non-slip gooves in addition to the six millimeter hex. This plug can be removed or installed by hand which makes servicing the vehicle much easier. Also, this plug has the added feature of the long retainer that will prevent the plug from being dropped and will re-direct the flow of fuel being drained so that it will not spill onto the frong of the drive shaft and will allow for easier capture of the fuel with a drain bucket or sample jar.

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