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Attention Boaters!!!! Ethanol will diminish the performance of outboard motors and marine fuel injectors.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association has recommendations on how to minimize the effects of ethanol fuels. The characteristics of ethanol fuel with as little as 10% are:

  • The fuel absorbs water through fuel vents.
  • Dissolves solids that have accumulated over years of use such as corrosion and varnish, and will cause oxidation in steel and aluminum tanks.
  • Ethanol can dissolve components of the fuel system itself. The modern engines come equipped with components that can withstand the new formulas.
  • Ethanol can react chemically with MTBE fuel blends, causing additional contamination.
  • Fuel blends using as much as 10% ethanol are approved for use in most currently produced engines. Older engines should be upgraded to accommodate the new blends.

With the new blends fromm the various manufacturers of fuel a new set of problems can be seen. These marine fuel injectors work under extremely fine tolerances, and the effects of ethanol fuel can be devastating. We recommend the use of at least a 10 micron filter.  The lower number means more filtration. Keep in mind a spare set of filters will always be a good idea. Shop Injectors offers a full line of marine fuel injectors at a very competitive price compared to the OEM dealers.  We also have a rebuild and return program that can be the solution for this problem. 

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