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Increase MPGs with Bostech Fuel Injectors


A dirty fuel injector burns inefficiently and wastes money.  An injector that is cleaned in the car only gets 75% clean at best, and still wastes money.  A Bostech Fuel Injector, with new o-rings, new pintel caps and a 2 year warranty, is 100% clean and burns fuel the most efficiently.


What is an Upper Engine Tune Up?

  • Your Vehicle is Computer Scanned

  • Your Fuel Injectors are Replaced

  • Your Intake System is Purged

  • You Coil on the Plug Boot is Inspected

How Do I Know if I Need One?

  • Does your Vehicle Have a Rough Idle?

  • Does it Have More Than 100,000 Miles?

  • Have you Noticed a Decrease in MPGs?

  • Does your "Check Engine" Light Turn On?

  • Is there a Hesitation when you Accelerate?

  • Have you Noticed a Smell of Gasoline?

  • Is your Vehicle 10 Years or Older?

  • If you answered YES, then you need one!


Why are Clean Fuel Injectors Important?

  • Only Clean Fuel Injectors can atomize fuel properly.

  • Only Atomized Fuel can burn completely.

  • Clogged Fuel Injectors can cause a lean running condition, which causes internal engine damage.

  • Poorly atomized fuel isn't fully burned, and unburned fuel means poor fuel economy and excess pollution.

  • Plastic parts on the Fuel Injector become brittle or broken, causing the fuel spray pattern to be distorted. This makes the fuel burn inefficiently, which creates excess emissions and low mpg's.

  • O-Ring's become hard from the heat under the hood over time. If O-Rings get hard, they can't seal as they should, and could cause fuel leaks and vacuum leaks, which also reduces fuel economy and increases emissions.

  • If unburnt fuel leaves the combustion chamber, it can cause damage to other costly components, like the O2 Sensor, the Catalytic Converter and other Sensors.

So Get an Upper Engine Tune Up, with Bostech Fuel Injectors from Shop Injectors!


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